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Chief Executive's Foreword:

Since its formation in 2000 as an Executive Agency, the Tanzania Public Service College (TPSC) has strived to become a centre of excellence in providing training and development interventions to the public and private sectors in Tanzania. The first five years of TPSC were meant to lay the foundation of a staff college. During the period, TPSC managed to strengthen its internal capabilities by building capacity of its staff, renovating and re-tooling its training and prepared its first Strategic Plan. The implementation of the plan resulted into an increase in the volume of business of the college and an improvement in its financial resources.

Several major changes have taken place since the formulation of the first Strategic Plan, both nationally and internationally. Such changes have lead to new requirements in terms of training, consulting and applied research, which need a focused approach. TPSC’s clientele have called for a quick transformation of the college into a fully-fledged Staff College, to meet these challenges and address the needs of its clientele timorously. TPSC has to identify its strategic direction for its future in order to enhance its efforts to become a centre of excellence. It has become imperative that TPSC now graduates into a “Staff College”.

TPSC as a Staff College will have several unique features which need systematic and comprehensive effort to facilitate and sustain this strategic change. Participation of all its stakeholders will be a key ingredient to its success. This strategic plan has identified a series of strategic interventions to bring about changes in the directions, structure, processes, interfaces and performance of the college. The use of strategic partners, the reliance on multiple source of knowledge, the design of coordinated interventions and development of shared goals are a significant feature of this strategic plan.

The strategic plan consists of an integrated and interdependent set of action plans that must be viewed and acted upon in a holistic manner. The transformation process to a fully-fledged staff college should be one of guided and directed change, which would lead to the achievement of the College’s short and long term goals.

The plan contends that TPSC should strive to become one of the best public service colleges in the region and develop more areas of national leadership. Such an aspiration implies a strong and vigorous emphasis on quality; the focusing of effort, time, and funds; an attitude of receptivity to change; and an aggressive effort to obtain new inroads in meeting the training and development needs of the public service. Successful progress towards achieving this centre of excellence status depends on the support of the public service, and its cooperating partners.

This strategic plan is a result of concerted efforts by staff, stakeholders and partners who have examined several facets of TPSC, articulated strategic initiatives for change, and spelt out Action Plans for each of them. It includes six chapters on background, situation analysis, visioning process, the plan, risk and force field analysis. An executive summary has also been included. Implementation of this strategic plan is intended to transform TPSC into a fully-fledged Staff College.

It gives the College great pleasure to submit this, the 2006/ 07 – 2011/12 Strategic Plan. I trust you will find the plan useful in respect of TPSC’s strategic priorities for the next five years and more.

Saidi .H. Nassor
Chief Executive: TPSC

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