Kampasi ya Dar es Salaam

The Tanzania Public Service College Dar es salaam Campus (TPSC) is among of the six campuses for Tanzania Public service College, The campus performs all three core functions of the College which includes Training, Consultancy and Applied Research, but also the Campus provide review Programs for Public Service Examinations, and other Performance Improvement Programs with the aim of building a culture of continuous learning for public servants.

Current the Campus runs a range of Programmes from NTA Level 4 to NTA Level 8 which is offered by different Academic Departments such as: Public Sector Financial Management (PSFM), Secretarial Studies (SS), Records and Archives Management (RAM), Public Administration, Leadership and Management (PALM).

Since the establishment of the Campus, the Campus had been offering Programs at Certificate and Diploma levels, yet in meeting Customer needs, the Campus started offering a Bachelor Degree in the areas of Secretarial Studies and records, archives and Information management since September 2017 with a total number of 200 students of which some of them who where qualified for the Loans they are the beneficiary of Loans from the Higher Education Loan Board.

Currently the Campus is expecting to run only two Programs; Records management and Secretarial Studies from NTA level 4 to NTA lever 8. At the moment Campus has more than 35 qualified Teaching Staff

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Mkurugenzi wa Kampasi

Chuo Cha Utumishi wa Umma Tanzania 

S.L.P  2574

Dar es Salaam

Simu: +255 22 2123547/9, 2122243

Barua pepe:  dsm@tpsc.go.tz


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